Gestural Music Sequencer Generative Track CompetitionApril 24th, 2010

Unearthed Music in cooperation with is sponsoring a contest to create a track using the GMS. Unearthed Music will consider placing the winning track on our upcoming compilation, Unearthed Artifacts Volume One.

The rules for the competition are simple. Create an instrumental track using the GMS from Every layer in the composition must be generated by video input fed into the GMS either through a camera, or by loading a pre-recorded video clip. There are no limitations as to what software or hardware is used to interface with the GMS in order to create the instrument sounds and produce the piece.

Editing and looping of the GMS MIDI output is allowed within reason. Please refrain from looping phrases that are shorter than one bar, or shifting several notes to tailor the melodies. Try experimenting with the note and duration probability distributions. All the drums and rhythmic patterns must be created using the GMS as well.

Write one-hundred to three-hundred words about how you produced your track and post it as a comment to this entry with a link to a 192Kbps or better MP3 file of the complete track. Links to a bio or videos about your process are great too. The track must be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. The tracks will be judged by a panel of representatives from Unearthed Music. The submission deadline is Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

ARTCRANK Poster Show Video DocumentationApril 24th, 2010

Video documentation for the 2010 ARTCRANK Poster Show features the track Fe2O3 by Keston and Westdal. The video does a great job of capturing the vibe of the event. Here’s the description posted on vimeo.

The 4th Annual Artcrank poster show. Its an Art Show for ‘Bike People’. Bikes are the world’s most fun and accessible way to get around. Posters are the world’s most fun and accessible art form. ARTCRANK brings them together. ARTCRANK is a showcase of bicycle-inspired original poster artwork that people can enjoy looking at and afford to take home. ARTCRANK began in Minneapolis in 2007, and has expanded to Denver, St. Louis, Portland, San Francisco and Des Moines. Every ARTCRANK show features posters created by local artists from the host city. Admission is always free, and posters are priced to let everybody take home at least one. This year the Artcrank opened at Shelter Studios in NE Minneapolis. If you’re interested in hosting or sponsoring an ARTCRANK show, want to participate as a poster artist, or simply have a question that hasn’t been answered by the previous paragraphs, send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.