Short Circuit VideosFebruary 26th, 2011

Short Circuit – 021911 – Ostraka from Low-Gain on Vimeo.

Short Circuit – 021911 – Sputnik Viper from Low-Gain on Vimeo.

Short Circuit – 021911 – Square Wail from Low-Gain on Vimeo.

Short Circuit – 021911 – web dimension from Low-Gain on Vimeo.

Logan Erickson, also known as Low-Gain, organizes the monthly electronic music event called Short Circuit. As well as doing a great job with the event, he produces excellent, HD documentation with the direct audio signal from the house system synched up to the video. Above is his documentation from the February 19, 2011 event that John Keston had the pleasure of participating in. Checkout his Vimeo page to see videos from former Short Circuit events and interesting experiments by Low-Gain.

Ostraka at Short CircuitFebruary 13th, 2011

This Saturday, February 19, 2011, Unearthed Music artist John Keston (aka Ostraka) will be performing at Shuga Records in Northeast Minneapolis for the Short Circuit electronic music monthly.

From the Short Circuit Facebook page: “Short Circuit is a monthly show set up to show case local and out of state electronic music artists. Show takes place every Third Saturday of each month. Artists from past events: L-Tron (MN), Low-Gain (MN), Albino Ghost Monkey (WI), Stagediver (WI), Bunk Data (MN), CMKT 4 (IL), Datura 1.0 (MN), MEGACHURCH (MN), Pelzwik (MN), Talking Computron (IA)”

Take a look at the event details on Facebook. The line-up includes WEb DiMension, Sputnik Viper, Square Wail, and Ostraka. This is an early show starting at 4:30pm and ending at 8:00pm. It’s free and open to all ages, so be there on time and have fun!


Ostraka at The Somethin’ Else No. 9February 11th, 2011

Tonight Ostraka will be performing a solo set at The Somthin’ Else series created by Jon Davis. This month the theme is “Frankenstein’s Day Monster Pizza Party, an electronic music potluck”. From the blog:

“It’s alive! Come celebrate Frankenstein’s Day with The Somethin’ Else on Friday, February 11th at the Love Power Building! Music, dancing & PIZZA!!!!!!” featuring: Mkr/Marx, Speakthrone, Dark Lord of Rhodes, (Alans), S/M, The Eclectic Ensemble, Ostraka, Jackie Becky/Jonathan Kaiser/Naomi Joy/Ryan Billig, Patrick Voller, Surface Vains, Self Sound Ochestra, Camden, Jesse Whitney & Tim Glenn, Littlefoot, MKR, and more. 9:00pm. All ages. $5 or free with a potluck contribution.