Ostracon Debut Excerpt: Dwarf PlutocracyMay 25th, 2011

Here’s an excerpt from the fifth track on the upcoming release, Unauthorized Modifications by Ostracon. John Keston and Graham O’Brien will be celebrating the release with a live performance at the Honey Lounge in Minneapolis on June 24, 2011. Artists performing with Ostracon at the event include DoshSmyth, and GhostbandRogue Citizen will be doing live painting during the performance for added visual stimulus.

Dwarf Plutocracy (Excerpt)

Ostracon Debut Excerpt: Entropy ProcedureMay 17th, 2011

Here’s an excerpt from the fourth track on our upcoming Ostracon album Unauthorized Modifications. The full track was released last September as a give away for the In/Out Festival, but since then it has been remastered.

Entropy Procedure (Excerpt)

Ostracon Debut Excerpt: Particle AgentMay 12th, 2011

Here’s a nearly two minute long excerpt from the third track, titled Particle Agent from our upcoming Ostracon debut, Unauthorized Modifications. The following description of the album from the press release offers insight into how this album was produced. (Photo of Graham O’Brien with Ostracon at the In/Out Festival in NYC, courtesy of inoutfest.org)

Ostracon is producer John Keston (AudioCookbook.org) on electronics and drummer Graham O’Brien (No Bird Sing). No keyboards are used in their music. Instead, Keston uses his custom sequencing software and hand manipulated light controllers to convert projected video signals into a stream of generative melodic structures. During their performances and recording sessions the visuals, electronics, and synchronized drumming are interwoven creating ephemeral structures that are familiar yet never repeated outside of each composition. O’Brien’s percussive statements firmly place the work into a non-linear landscape, grounded in an impossible to categorize igneous crust. UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATIONS includes six pieces recorded and mixed at the former Flyte Tyme studios by Adam Krinsky. The the tracks, interspersed with angular melodic passages, sound mysterious, organic, and periodically invoke dystopian imagery.

Particle Agent (excerpt)

Pay What You Want for Precambrian ResonanceMay 9th, 2011

For a limited time Unearthed Music is offering the DRM free 320kbps download for Precambrian Resonance by Ostraka for whatever you want to pay for it.

This album emerged during a year long period of random recordings and sound design experiments exhibited on AudioCoobook.org by John Keston during his One Sound Every Day project.

Click on the title to visit the release page where you can hear full-length previews of all fifteen tracks and pay what you want for Precambrian Resonance.


Ostracon Debut Excerpt: Photon CoercionMay 8th, 2011

Here’s an excerpt of the second track from the upcoming Ostracon debut album, Unauthorized Modifications. This track is titled Photon Coercion. The album consists of drumming by Graham O’Brien and electronic sound that John Keston produced using GMS, or Gestural Music Sequencer. GMS is Open Source software John developed that converts video signals into musical phrases. A video signal is analyzed in real-time and then MIDI notes are produced based on brightness tracking and adjustable probability distribution algorithms.

This excerpt, in addition to looped phrases from GMS, includes a lead melodic voice that John played on the touch based synthesizer, Bebot. John Keston fell in love with the expressive way you can bend notes independently on up to five voices (an impossibility on most conventional keyboards – unless you have one of these) using Bebot.

Photon Coercion (excerpt)