IsiklesIsikles is an electronic music project featuring John Keston and Lister Rossel that uses sound design and synthesis techniques to illustrate frigid environments.

Keston and Westdal

Keston and WestdalAs well as being composers and producers Keston and Westdal are also accomplished musicians and performers. Stylistically, Keston and Westdal focus on carefully evolving their compositions, layering them with contagious melodic themes and lush harmony. This duo has been consistently producing and performing original work since 1999.

UK native Keston broke out in the early 90's reviving the Rhodes electric piano vibe while playing live hiphop and club music with the areas tightest MCs, DJs and musicians. In the process he helped found the ground breaking act Casino Royale working with hiphop innovators Phull Surkle and Slug of Atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Westdal, uprooted from the Bay area, quickly became known as the freshest bass player on the scene, working with cats like Jack McDuff, originating the trio Full Length with drummer Joshua Herbst and keyboardist John Keston, and tearing up the club funk business with his in-the-pocket-prowess.


OstraconOstracon is John Keston on electronics and Graham O'Brien on drums. The duo performs generative, improvisational compositions using John Keston's custom software, the GMS (Gestural Music Sequencer), that converts video input into musical phrases.

Keston captures, layers, loops and processes melodic segments in real-time out of the stream of notes created by his gestural input, tailored with probability distribution algorithms. O'Brien accompanies these angular, electronic structures, with dynamic playing that, at times, verges on the chaotic. Listen below to Entropy Procedure from Ostracon's album Unauthorized Modifications.

Entropy Procedure by Ostracon

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Ostraka founder, Keston and Westdal keyboardist, composer, and producer John Keston is a musician and experimental software developer currently based in Minneapolis. This United Kingdom transplant turned Minnesota local creates music under his moniker Ostraka by harnessing the random behaviors of sound objects and electronics into enigmatic compositions that bind chaotic creativity into musical structures. Visit to hear examples from the experimental sound design research that John shares frequently with his readers and learn about upcoming events and performances.


ten72Composer, musician, and producer, Nils Westdal finds a mainline output through his nom de plume ten72. In a time of ready-made beats and stock electronic samples being used on a daily basis as well as the typically recycled genres found in the media, ten72 offers up a distinctive quality and honesty within his compositions. After many years of performing, writing and producing with some of the best that this planet has produced, a refined version of past decades come to a meeting in every song.