Jred Smyth Triggered Drum PerformanceSeptember 28th, 2010


Graham O’Brien and John Keston really enjoyed their Ostracon performance at the In / Out Festival recently. Part of what made this festival for them was all of the other incredible performers and speakers at the event, such as Rosa Menkman and Peter Kirn. One prominent example was Jred Smyth who gave an energetic and inspired solo drumming concert featuring triggered sounds that transformed the work into evolving structured compositions. Check out the video clip above of Jred Smyth with Blair Neal on visuals.

Ostraka Solo Set at Spark Festival Saturday, October 2, 2010September 27th, 2010

The Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts is starting this Wednesday, September 29, and continues through Saturday, October 2, 2010. The festival this year includes yet another impressive array of artists.

John Keston will be performing a solo Ostraka set on Saturday, October 2, prior to Caly McMorrow, and the amazing Fred Frith. Unbelievably, all of the performances and exhibits are free and open to the public. Check out the Spark Festival website for details.

John will be performing at the Love Power Church, 1407 South Washington Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, upstairs at 6:30pm on Saturday, October 2 just before Caly McMorrow.

In Out Festival Track Donation: Entropy Procedure by OstraconSeptember 14th, 2010

Ostracon is pleased to share with UnearthedMusic and ACB readers the track donation that we made for the In / Out Festival Kickstarter project. The track is titled Entropy Procedure by Ostracon and features John Keston on the GMS interfaced with Ableton Live, and Graham O’Brien on drums. It was delightfully engineered and mixed by Adam Krinsky, and mastered by the amazing Tom Garneau who, if you read his discography you will find, recorded and mixed Too Legit to Quit by MC Hammer (an unrelated but awesome bit of data for you).

Ostracon will be performing similar work to this at the In / Out Festival this weekend on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 9:30pm at the Tank Theater in Manhattan. Please check out the entire festival starting on Friday afternoon with free workshops and finishing with the Saturday evening performances. The evening performances are only $15 per night, or $25 for both nights with a total of nine performances. This is unlike any music John Keston has produced in the past, so comments are encouraged.

Entropy Procedure by Ostracon

Unicorn Dream Attack and Ostracon at the Honey LoungeSeptember 10th, 2010

On Saturday, September 11, 2010 Ostracon is performing a “send off” show for the In / Out Festival in New York. They are excited to be sharing the stage again with 8-bit maestro, Unicorn Dream Attack. Stefen Keen of UDA describes his music as follows.

The music John Keston makes is often times called “8-bit” or “chiptunes” (there are many other names but these are the most popular). There are many, many ways to make this music. Some of them include using live sounds, trackers, or MIDI inputs on vintage computers (like Commodore 64), game systems (like a Gameboy or NES), old Casios/Yamahas (like vl-tone or vs-30), and circuit bent toys or non-bent toys of all kinds. Check out the forums at chipmusic.org, 8bitcollective.com, and micromusic.net for more answers.

John describes it as intense, square wave, head exploding madness, not to be missed. UDA takes the stage at 7:45pm followed by John’s duet, Ostracon, with Graham O’Brien on drums at 8:45pm. The event takes place at the Honey Lounge, located in the basement of Ginger Hop at 205 East Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55414. The show is free if you arrive before 9:00pm.