Isosceles by OstrakaOctober 29th, 2016

Isosceles by Ostraka

John Keston has released his first solo album in seven years titled, Isosceles. It is an eighty minute long departure from his usual esoteric experiments and full of unapologetically funky and tonal instrumental synth tracks. Years in the making, the collection was carefully picked from dozens of compositions. Vintage and contemporary electronic instruments and processors were used alongside each other to create a unique yet familiar sound. The album is full of thick analog arpeggios, punchy bass lines, earthy beats, and ballistic leads. The anthology is interspersed with contemplative moments reminiscent of the promise of space exploration and discovery. It is a journey through light years of exploratory sound design, future thought, and galactic musical manifestations.

The gorgeous artwork is by Benjamin Montag and the impeccable mastering was handled by Tom Garneau. The album is available from UEM on Bandcamp as well as the usual suspect (iTunes, et al).

Composed and performed by John C. S. Keston
Ablum art by Benjamin Montag
Mastered by Tom Garneau of Audioactive